Degrees 2012

There's nothing more exciting than when we're approached with a really fun project, especially when we share the designer's vision for an outcome that we know is going to be cracker.

We collaborated closely with designer Scott Ward to produce the Mathomat-inspired collateral for the Degrees Exhibition for Swinburne's Communication Design graduates.

Clear-frosted Turtlene worked perfectly on both a functional and aesthetic level for posters, invitations and visitor kits. We developed a fixing system that enabled the posters to sit off the wall, allowing the cutout to cast a shadow behind it. The invitations were a smaller version of the posters, mailed out to Melbourne's design studios and agencies in custom-made kraft zip-lock envelopes, which Scott and Emma hand-folded and fulfilled at his kitchen table. The Design Toolkit visitor packs were snapped up on opening night, finding their way to desk drawers as a handy resource for paper sizes, line weights and scaling.

The icing on the cake was the giant Roboboard 'D' sculpture, which was weighted at one end so that it balanced on its base.

It was a really rewarding opportunity for us to sponsor the exhibition and reconnect with the student world, and to introduce students to polypropylene, which almost none of them had seen before. We're really proud of the degrees collateral and the positive feedback it received; it's a testament to the success that can blossom from collaboration.

Lot Four Gallery, Richmond
28 November - 2 December 2012