Portable Presents Brooks Atwood

Collaboration is food for the creative soul, which inspired our partnership with Portable in developing a suite of signage for their upcoming series of Portable Talks. We quickly became enthralled with the subject of the events, the creative prodigy Brooks Atwood, whose work crosses the boundaries of architecture, interior and product design; an eccentric hairy monster of a man who seemed to turn everything he touched into innovative creative genius.

Our brief mandated a range of bespoke display pieces that were lightweight and transportable enough for  the Portable team to ferry between cities in their airline luggage. Flexibility was key, with the events hosted at three different venues with minimal set up time. Layers of 100% recycled Roboboard spawned structural versions of the Portable and Sanderson logos, creating freestanding signage with no moving parts. A Roboboard a-frame blackboard could be adapted for event signage or way finding. Two display boards were digitally printed on our wide-format printer and folded in half for compact transportation, with a neat little stand device fixed to the back for super fast assembly. Everything flat packed into custom-made Roboboard shipping boxes.

The incredible Brooks Atwood, who punctuated his speech with morsels of incredible insight and quite loud roaring, blew us away. It was impossible to scribble notes fast enough to capture such wisdom delivered at a furious speed. A true creative genuis at his core, Brooks' way of looking at the world could result in nothing but total innovation: constantly questioning everything, embracing failure, and banishing fear. When asked why, ask why not? Foster process, because innovation is impossible if you already have a pre-conceived idea of the outcome. This attitude is the only explanation for projects that thoroughly blur the lines of existing conventions; a chair that becomes a plant, 3D printed cutlery that mimics trabeculated bone structures, custom pre-fab. Re-see the everyday and design (and fail) like a rockstar.

See the full process of creating the Portable logo.

Image credits | Ben Clement