Stencil Signage

The humble stencil is an exceptional example of reliable, re-producible graphic communication, unfairly banished to the worlds of kindergartens and graffiti artists (although terribly fun places to exist in). Polypropylene sheet is the perfect stencil medium because of its durability, and cut on our Kongsberg sample-making table makes for stencils that won't get wet and sag after two uses.

Nothing fosters back-to-basics thinking like a tight deadline and modest budget. These confines were the catalyst for Studio Pip & Co's perfectly simple and straightforward solution of using stencils as a way-finding system for Albert Park College. The stenciling system served as a method of room and level idetification and directional markers, and took less than ten days to manufacture and roll out. With the stencils in storage, touch-ups can be made as required.

The inherent honesty of a spray-painted stencil perfectly suited the look and feel of cute little cafe Kere Kere, but was also a logical solution for a client with a modest budget who could implement the stencil signage themselves. Interior and exterior stencils in red, white and black are strong, simple and bold, with minimal fussiness and production costs.

In a world that's increasingly hi-tech, it's the lo-fi that provides the honesty and tactility that we miss. A stencil leaves behind traces of the process and the mark-maker, the small suggestions that we're still human and that we can still make things with our hands.

Photo credits | Studio Pip & Co