Polypropylene document presentation and slipcase with screen printing Screen printed polypropylene ring binder with dividers Polypropylene document presentation with ring binder and satchels Point of sale brochure holder


Promeg is our signature formulation of polypropylene sheet. A superior packaging medium, Promeg boasts unmatched durability and versatility, which lends itself to ring binders, presentation folders, sales kits, carry cases, POS display, floor stands, dump bins and signage, which continue to look impressive long after they have served their initial purpose.

Promeg's clear frosted form provides scope beyond measure. Its translucency offers two surfaces to print on and provides a third dimension for designers to play in.

Despite being sorely misunderstood, Promeg is an environmental warrior and is much more environmentally responsible than paper and board.

Promeg is locally produced in Melbourne, Victoria, and is also available in opaque colours and translucent tints.

Download Promeg Colour Chart